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Alevere Therapy is a combination therapy for the treatment of overweight patients carried out under medical supervision. It consists of a medically formulated nutrition plan coupled with weekly body treatments to break down fat cells and promote skin tightening.


Doctor's Consultation

A personalised weight reduction treatment plan is created by the doctor. This is based on consultation with the patient and discussion of their weight loss goals.  The time taken to achieve the weight loss is calculated based on a basal metabolic rate test undertaken by the patient. A series of blood tests are taken together with a medical history to ensure that the treatment plan is adapted if necessary for any existing medical conditions.


Nutritional Plan

The Alevere Nutritional Plan is tailored to each individual.  The initial stage typically consists of the 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which include a range of carefully selected fruit and vegetables with an egg white omelette with added vegetables for breakfast for example. These are each supplemented with an Alevere nutritional product with two Alevere nutritional products as snacks between the main meals. Thus you will be eating at least 5 times a day at regular intervals.

The Alevere nutritional plan alters the body's metabolism to promote breakdown of fat deposits, whilst maintaining blood sugar levels and avoids the suppression of the metabolic rate.  This minimises any hunger or fatigue. Some vegetables are unlimited in the quantity that can be consumed whilst other fruits and vegetables have a daily limit. Additional energy is provided by metabolising the fat released from the body contour treatments. A range of salts, electrolytes and trace elements are also prescribed to maintain the body's salt balance.

There are over 40 different nutritional products to choose from including:

  • a variety of soups
  • savoury dishes such as mashed potato, omelettes, pizza, pasta
  • a range of desserts including vanilla dessert, banana dessert, pancakes, chocolate brownies and raspberry muffins
  • a range of hot and cold drinks
  • a selection of ready made snacks including bars and crisps.

The non ready made products are easily prepared by mixing with water, some are microwaved or cooked and can be seasoned with selected herbs and spices. Most of the nutritional products are suitable for vegetarians. The Alevere nutritional supplements use the sweetener sucralose and do not contain aspartame.


Body Treatments

Alevere body contour treatments are carried out weekly comprising of medical grade ultrasound using the Med ContourTM Dual device and LipomassageTM skin tightening treatments.

The medical ultrasound treatment causes destruction of fat cells in the treated area. The concave ultrasound hand piece focuses 2 beams of ultrasound to a depth of 1-5 cm below the skin. The application of ultrasonic waves results in a cavitation effect whereby the fat cells are ruptured and the contents can leak out.

This is immediately followed by a skin tightening treatment which has 2 effects. Firstly it promotes removal of the triglycerides that have been released from the fat cells through the lymphatic system and into the blood stream where they can be metabolised by the liver; and secondly though a natural mechanical massage stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin to produce connective tissue which results in the tightening of the skin.


Doctor's Review

Doctor reviews and blood tests are conducted every 4 to 6 weeks and are used to monitor the patient and make any adjustment to the plan if necessary. They also provide the opportunity to ensure the patient's well being and that they are hitting their targets and achieving their goals.


Weight Stabilisation

Weight Stabilisation is carried out once the patient reaches their target weight. This is done by gradually reducing the Alevere nutrition and introducing other food groups into the diet. This stage is key to helping patients maintain their weight going forward.


Maintenance Plan

A final doctors consultation and basal metabolic rate test is performed in order to advise the patient of the recommended calorific intake necessary to maintain their weight. This will help formulate a long term weight maintenance programme.


Maintenance Reviews

For a year after completing the programme patients are supported free of charge with monthly reviews and weigh ins.



Before treatment and after 23 weeks

 Weight Reduction: 6st 0lbs (38Kg)

I made the decision to get fit for my retirement and wanted to lose at least six stones. I found the diet and treatments at first very challenging as the regime is strict but when I started to see the pretty amazing weight loss it made me even more determined to continue. Over the months I have found that my outlook to food and alcohol has changed dramatically, I now know how much I overate and drank in my previous life! Never again; as now I like the way I feel, my health has improved dramatically and it is so nice to hear from friends and associates telling me how good I look!

Thank you Alevere for changing my life for the better, my Doctor says I have very likely added 20 years to my life!

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